Sunday Self Care

Your body; your silent companion that accompanies you on all of your journeys

This quote says a lot. It’s so easy to forget how much our body does for us, & how amazing it really is.. 

For me, this was a reminder to appreciate myself:

Appreciate the stress I put my body through;

Appreciate the frequent disregard for what my body needs in turn for doing what I want; 

Appreciate the endless hours of thought I put my mind through; 

Appreciate the unending pressure on my body to be better, stronger, prettier, smaller, bigger, happier, calmer, healthier…

Appreciate the things my body needs, but that I often forget to give it;

Appreciate that despite all of the trouble I give my body, it still does everything I ask it to. 

This quote reminded me to think of my body as my friend. It’s here to support me & help me through my journey (aka life). I have to keep this idea in the front of my mind. I have to really start taking care of & appreciating my longest friend; my body. 

~peace & all good~

Be Here Now

Consciousness, energy, love, awareness, light, wisdom, beauty, truth, purity. It’s all the same- any trip you want to take leads to the same place.

– Baba Ram Dass

What does this mean? I’m not entirely sure at the moment, still trying to figure it out.

But I think it gives a different perspective to decision-making. You will end up where you’re supposed to be eventually. You just have to be aware of your purpose & where you want to go