Tips for the Perfect Gym Outfit 

Gym attire is a very loaded topic. But don’t worry, I wrote this blog post to answer all of your fit fashion questions 🙂

What should one wear when doing cardio? Should you wear sweats or leggings to lift? 

How color-coordinated is too color-coordinated?

Are your top & bottom flattering?? Will people see that you aren’t the perfect image of fitness? Is it obvious you’re actually wearing underwear??? *gasp* 

Yoga….can a single post even cover the wardrobe woes of a new yogi?


Here is a simple answer to the question of ‘what to wear to the gym/while working out’: whatever you feel comfortable in. If you enjoy the skin (& clothes) you’re in, your confidence will complete any outfit!!

It really doesn’t matter what clothes you put on for your sweat session. If you feel great in a Lulu Lemon outfit (& can afford a LuLu Lemon outfit)- good! If you feel great in a baggy t-shirt- even better! Less money spent on gym clothes means more money for food 🙂 ….or, you know, student loans and rent… 

I usually browse Instagram/the Internet in general with fitness or food in mind… This causes me a lot of frustration for multiple reasons.. 

  1. I do not have excess money floating around me waiting for me to spend it. Okay, am I just broke, or are gym clothes expensive af?! Like why in the world would I spend $50 on a shirt I’m going to wear with the intentions of getting sweaty & smelly? I don’t even spend that much on shirts I wear to work… I’m a bargain shopper. Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Target, Fabletics (when there are sales), or the clearance rack is where you’ll find me looking for clothes I can actually afford.
  2. *not related to clothes but…* Eating nutritionally perfect meals every 2 hours does not fit my life. As much as I would love to be able to eat the best food possible at all hours of the day, there comes a time when it’s just not realistic. I would go crazy if I deprived myself of the food I want to eat just because it doesn’t fit my precisely planned nutrition goals. Can I live?!???
  3. I don’t work out in shorts and a sports bra. More power to ya if you feel comfortable in minimal gym clothes….& your gym allows you to workout in minimal gym clothes. I don’t. I would rather be in leggings and a sweatshirt, but that’s not what’s depicted by any mainstream fitness superstars. No one is ever wearing a shirt. Ever. 
  4. When I work out I do not look my best. My hair is generally just doing whatever TF it wants to do. I sweat a lot. I don’t hide it if I’m exhausted. Sometimes I smell… It’s not a picturesque scene when I exercise.. Which makes it hard to relate to the images of ‘fitness’ plastered all over the Internet & advertisements. 

   #gainsandtoast lolz
Sorry fitness media, but unlike the people you promote, I’m a normal person trying to be healthy.. To my own dismay, I’m not sponsored by an athletic clothing company or supplement brand. So I have to pay for the products I use :/ 

I know it’s awesome to step into the gym with a brand new outfit that you love. You feel good when you like the clothes you’re in- even at the gym! The new-ness of your threads gives you extra motivation.. Trust me, I know those feels. But that doesn’t mean you need to take out a loan to buy yourself some gym clothes.. It also doesn’t mean you have to wear something that makes you uncomfortable.

Time that you spend working out is your time. Make it what you want it to be, not what you think other people would want it to be. Take control of your workout. Wear & do things you enjoy. 

You’re all fabulous, no matter what the mainstream fitness bullshit says. 

The End. xo

~peace & all good~

My First Day in the Adult World

So, today I started my first ever full-time job. It’s about damn time! Granted- I’m only 22 & graduated college a little over 100 days ago.. 

This day has brought a lot of things to my attention. 

First, how to dress like a professional human being without being sucked into the dullness of typical business attire.. 


   ~very fashion, so class~
I went with black ankle-length pants from Target, a patterned top from H&M, a black fitted blazer from Target, & nude ballet flats…again from Target. (Clearly I’m ballin on a budget here.) 

People who know me well are probably reading this & laughing because none of the clothes I mentioned are suitable for the gym…..which means I probably haven’t worn them in a few months………. Whatever. I don’t like to wear real clothes ok! 

Anyways. The feels..

The feels were so real today. I’ve had several jobs in my days, but none that included important things like a salary, or the words “nine to five”. TBH I never pictured myself as a 9to5-er, but life surprises us. 

Last night I was pretty nervous because (even though I got a detailed email of what to expect) I had no idea what to expect. Would I have time to eat lunch? What if I had to poop? How would I stay alert for 8 hours when I was going in to my other job at 5am? How will I maintain my gym routine with a full time job? Will my coworkers like me? Is my alarm actually set for AM, not PM? Will my mind ever STFU?! *Find out on the next episode of OrdinarilyFit!!* 

Basically I feel like I’m entering a whole new universe. I feel like an alien (maybe I am an alien, idk). 

& the amount of information my brain attempted to process today is ludicrous. Not the rapper because that’d be somewhat enjoyable & wouldn’t feel like my soul was being sucked out of me. (Exhaustion makes me a little dramatic..) Health insurance is confusing, remembering 24 names of strange faces is hard, being in a new place is awkward. *sigh*

BUTT I also feel pride & excitement. Something (or a lot of things) I did got me to this day. I’ve accomplished one of the first steps of creating an independent life for myself. I truly am grateful for this opportunity. I’m excited to continue learning & expand my impact on my small corner of the world. 🙂

I’m working in a field I’m passionate about, that also coincides with what I studied in college…srsly did not expect that to happen. My co-workers are all super welcoming & friendly. There’s even a Dunkin Donuts right across the street (which I’ve already gone too)! Really, I have nothing to complain about.

So here I am. At the end of a very very long day, feeling relieved that I got through it & thankful that I get to do it again tomorrow. 

Until next time.. 

~peace & all good~