A Berry Delicious Smoothie

Ha…See what I did there??

Here’s a quick, healthy smoothie you can make for breakfast, lunch, a snack, pre-workout, post-workout, whenever! All you’ll need is a banana, some strawberries, blueberries, & whatever fresh/frozen fruit you can get your hands on! 

I used fresh berries because we had an abundance of them in the house & I figured why not freeze them for a smoothie? 

  I folded the larger bag in half when I froze it so I would remember to use the berries in 2 smoothies. 

Frozen fruit is a great option because it saves $$ & lets you enjoy your favourite fruit even when it’s out of season!

Fill your blender with about a cup of water (or milk if you want it creamy). A smaller amount of liquid will keep the mixture thick like an actual smoothie. 

Now it’s time to throw in your fruits.

   (it looks like more water because the fruit displaces it)

If this is your breakfast/pre-workout snack- keep your coffee or tea close..

I added chia seeds & vanilla protein to my mix. If there’s anything else you desire, there’s no time like the present. Add away!!

It’s blending time 

If your mini blender is anything like mine, you’ll have to help the whole blending thing actually happen…annoying side effect of getting a cheap blender. 

Enjoy your healthy, delicious little creation! Get creative with the next one 😉 

Adding smoothies to your regular diet is a great way to give yourself more energy. Being consistent is a little difficult at first, but once you start feeling the benefits in your body it’ll be worth it! Having more fruits & veggies will be a good thing.

~peace & all good~


Coffee Smoothie

How can you go wrong with a coffee smoothie? Two of the best thing mornings have to offer in one place… You’re welcome. 

So what will you need? 


  • coffee (shocking, I know) – about 1/2 cup brewed, or throw in 1/4 cup of grinds
  • 1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 banana, or the whole thing if it’s small 
  • 3-4 ice cubes

If you’re using coffee you brewed, try to let it cool before using it for your smoothie.

   I used way too much coffee…don’t follow in my footsteps. If you do, you’ll have a mixed coffee drink- not a smoothie. Still great, but not quite what I was going for..

Blend it all together in whatever you may use for smoothie-making until the  ice chunks are gone. Feel free to add anything else you want that will make a more enjoyable experience for you. 

Enjoy this protein, caffeine, deliciousness filled breakfast (or snack/pre-workout)!!! 

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Oats for Your Face

Time for another skincare recipe! I’m trying to post these every Sunday. I figure after the weekend our skin usually needs a little help so it can face the week ahead… 😉

This one is a face mask- it’s made of Greek yogurt & raw oats.

   (panda face mask coming soon)
What You’ll Need

  • 2 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of raw oats

Mix the two ingredients in a small bowl until they’re blended together. 

I pretty much guessed on the amounts..you may find that you have to adjust them. You’ll just want to make sure there’s more yogurt than oats do it doesn’t become too dry. 

After washing your face, spread a thin layer on your face! Avoid the eye area for the well-being of your experience.. 

Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes. Once it’s dry, wash it off with warm water (or a wash cloth). Then continue with your nightly ritual of lotion/toner/chocolate, whatever you do! 

Why Yogurt & Oats?

Greek yogurt is loaded with protein. Seems weird that this is a good reason to put food on your face.. But your skin cells need protein in order to look their best! The yogurt’s protein supply will help your pores get in shape & stay tight; while the probiotics will help to fight any bacteria.

Oatmeal. I really love oats so I just threw them in for fun… Jusssst kidding! They help to exfoliate your face in this mask. Oat exfoliating is something you can do more often then a regular exfoliating because the oats are very gentle

Typical exfoliation opens your pores, but this mask has the magic touch of Greek yogurt so it’ll actually help your face maintain elasticity! Who knew the things in your food pantry could do such wonders for your skin?! 

I guess you can think of this mask as a workout for your face…? I’d suggest adding this to your skincare regime at least twice throughout the week.

Enjoy your fresh, smooth skin!! 

peace & all good~