The Real LG

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Leda, I’ll be your guide today πŸ™‚ Join me on my journey through this wild world.

I have a passion for peanut butter, pizza, pumping iron, eating, & human rights. Recent college grad, so my life has been made into quite the awko-taco with the transition from student to real person..

I think it’s important for people to realize that not everyone who is happy has a perfect life. People mess up recipes (even when they read them over several times..), people fall, people cry, people have days where they just want to scream ‘F**K off!”, people eat whole pies of pizza by themselves. Shit happens. That shit shouldn’t stop you from being the best you can be.

With all of this being said, I hope my life & what I document in this blog will help you be your wonderful self πŸ™‚

Also, I really love cats..

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