Hiking Mt. Beacon for the Hundreth Time

Beacon, NY. 

The golden child of the lower Hudson Valley. 

Everyone’s favourite spot to crowd into on nice days & get a break from city life without social withdrawal.

& the home of Mount Beacon.


Mt. Beacon is about a 30-45 minute hike up to the top, depending on what your body needs. The uphill climb is consistent, but not extremely steep. 


It’s not the most challenging hike in the Hike the Hudson arsenal, but definitely U one of the more populated options. Especially if you’re going on a nice weekend afternoon. 

I like this trail because it’s not too long, but it’s a continuous incline with almost no repreve from the uphill climb. 

Along the path up, there’s also a lot of alternate trails that are a bit more challenging but cut through a lot of the gentle incline…’short cuts’ I guess you could call them..

Once I get to the top I usually walk off the muscle cramps, stretch a bit, & sneak down some rocks to the left of the lookout everyone will be crowding into. 


While all the other folks look out on the towns of Beacon & Cold Spring & the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, I prefer to sit & breathe overlooking more trees. 
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Then there’s the way down… 

Personally once I’m at the top of a hike & have basically recovered, I would prefer to just float back down to the bottom. I hate flailing my way down the side of a mountain. 

The turn around on Mt. Beacon is approx 20 more minutes- depending again on how many breaks your body needs & how your knees are feelin.

Although there’s usually a frik ton of people on the trail, it’s still a hike & it’s still an immersion in nature.

It’s a break from weird small talk.

a break from what’s going on in the world & what people are doing to eachother. 

a break from the worries being dumped on you.

A break that most of us are freakin desperate for,

a breath of fresh air.

Mt. Beacon is the perfect hike to do regularly to soothe your mind, condition your heart muscles, & tone all your muscles that carry you day after day.

Mt. Beacon is the perfect hike for the occasional challenge or reset from life.

Take time for yourself, to treat your body to what it wants.

Get out there & hike!

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