Morning Workout: Torture or Terrific?

6 AM.

My alarm is doing its usual annoying job- waking me up out of a sound sleep. I really need to change my alarm sound because I hate waking up to the one I currently have… Although, chances are, I’d grow to hate any sound that wakes me up day after day…

This morning my alarm is waking me up because I’m attempting to get myself into the habit of working out before work. I have been trying to commit to this change for about 2 weeks. Usually it goes like this: my alarm goes off; I look at it; then I turn it off & set another alarm for about 1.5 hours later…& skip the morning workout because whatever, I’m tired. 

Today I decided to actually get up.

It was still dark… But I’ve taken a few days off from intense exercise so I was feeling ~rested~

I drank some water, got myself dressed, & out the door I went! *yay* I wasn’t really sure what my plan for my workout was, but I was going to get my ass to the gym either way! 

While doing my warmup cardio, I looked through my collection of workouts. I decided to go back to the lift that got me hooked when I first decided to try weight lifting. Mainly because it’s quick & effective- both for time & muscle use. 

I left the gym before it was even 8 AM. & honestly that’s when I remembered why I love working out before work so much. I feel so energized. My mood is positive. I feel alert. I’m relieved that I don’t have to go to the gym after work, @ the time when its a struggle to find a single free dumbbell.. 

It’s a great feeling to start your day by taking care of yourself 🙂 

Whether you’re an avid yogi, weight lifter, runner, whatever- I highly recommend giving a morning workout a try!! Who knows? You might actually enjoy it & make it a regular occurrence.

~peace & all good~

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