Missing on a Rainy Day

Its dark & rainy here in New York today.. 

As I’m sitting in my office there’s a sense of longing nagging at me. There’s a lot of things this weather makes me want. Most of them I can’t have just because of the way my current situation is set up (AKA real life). I guess I’m an adult now….. 


I would love to be in my bed,

I would love to be cuddled in blankets with my cats,

I would love to just stay in my underwear all day & lay down for hours,

I want to skip this whole thing where I do actual work,

I miss my friends,

I wish I could spend the day watching movies & drinking wine,

I wish I at least had a big comfy couch in my office that I could lounge on while I do my work,

I wish I didn’t have responsibilities right now,

I almost wish I were back in school… where I had the freedom to skip class with little to no consequence. 

I wish my boss could cancel work as easily as professors can cancel class.


Pursuing what you want to do isn’t always easy! Rainy days are a good reminder of that. They’re a good reminder of all of the things you should appreciate & enjoy when you can do them. They let you know that you need time to unwind & de-hype. 

Take the time to be lazy. 

Take the time to spend a day just laying in bed or on the couch or wherever. 

Take the time to sit around with your friends/loved ones & just enjoy eachothers presence.

Take the time to watch a ridiculous amount of TV or read a book or just space out.

Take the time to do whatever it is you long to do when it’s raining. 

~peace & all good~

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