Hi, how are ya?!

Normal.. It doesn’t mean becoming a creepy yellow sponge with no personality who just asks “Hi, how are YA!”. There’s much more to it. 
This is especially true in relationships- romantic, professional, friends, family, whoever & whatever. 

So, here are a few things that are definitely not normal: 

  • when a person makes you feel stupid
  • someone who orders you around on a consistent basis
  • a person who claims to be fond of you but won’t let you do things you enjoy
  • being told that your opinion is irrelevant/invalid (it’s never considered in decision-making)
  • being talked to as if you’re a child when, in fact, you can legally drink alcohol & vote for the president 
  • someone makes you feel worse about yourself than you ever did, but for some reason you believe it has something to do with you

Here are some things that are normal: 

  • someone makes you smile more than you frown
  • a person who allows you to voice your opinion, & even lets you make decisions from time-to-time (GASP!) 
  • you’re treated as a valid human being with a mind, body, & soul
  • a person who respects your boundaries & wishes
  • someone who asks more than just “hi, how are YA?”
  • you don’t have to hide what goes on behind closed doors whe the doors are open

There are obviously more things that fall under each category…but this is a super simple list to go through if you ever question a relationship you have with another human being. Cats are another story….they’re assholes & don’t respect human boundaries. 

Anyways, I hope yall are having a great week! No matter what your situation is, there’s always someone who is willing to listen to & help you- trust me.  

Stay happy 🙂

~peace & all good~

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