My First Day in the Adult World

So, today I started my first ever full-time job. It’s about damn time! Granted- I’m only 22 & graduated college a little over 100 days ago.. 

This day has brought a lot of things to my attention. 

First, how to dress like a professional human being without being sucked into the dullness of typical business attire.. 


   ~very fashion, so class~
I went with black ankle-length pants from Target, a patterned top from H&M, a black fitted blazer from Target, & nude ballet flats…again from Target. (Clearly I’m ballin on a budget here.) 

People who know me well are probably reading this & laughing because none of the clothes I mentioned are suitable for the gym…..which means I probably haven’t worn them in a few months………. Whatever. I don’t like to wear real clothes ok! 

Anyways. The feels..

The feels were so real today. I’ve had several jobs in my days, but none that included important things like a salary, or the words “nine to five”. TBH I never pictured myself as a 9to5-er, but life surprises us. 

Last night I was pretty nervous because (even though I got a detailed email of what to expect) I had no idea what to expect. Would I have time to eat lunch? What if I had to poop? How would I stay alert for 8 hours when I was going in to my other job at 5am? How will I maintain my gym routine with a full time job? Will my coworkers like me? Is my alarm actually set for AM, not PM? Will my mind ever STFU?! *Find out on the next episode of OrdinarilyFit!!* 

Basically I feel like I’m entering a whole new universe. I feel like an alien (maybe I am an alien, idk). 

& the amount of information my brain attempted to process today is ludicrous. Not the rapper because that’d be somewhat enjoyable & wouldn’t feel like my soul was being sucked out of me. (Exhaustion makes me a little dramatic..) Health insurance is confusing, remembering 24 names of strange faces is hard, being in a new place is awkward. *sigh*

BUTT I also feel pride & excitement. Something (or a lot of things) I did got me to this day. I’ve accomplished one of the first steps of creating an independent life for myself. I truly am grateful for this opportunity. I’m excited to continue learning & expand my impact on my small corner of the world. 🙂

I’m working in a field I’m passionate about, that also coincides with what I studied in college…srsly did not expect that to happen. My co-workers are all super welcoming & friendly. There’s even a Dunkin Donuts right across the street (which I’ve already gone too)! Really, I have nothing to complain about.

So here I am. At the end of a very very long day, feeling relieved that I got through it & thankful that I get to do it again tomorrow. 

Until next time.. 

~peace & all good~

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