The Struggle of Deciding to Do Something for Yourself

We often stop ourselves because we think we’re not good enough

This quote was given by a yoga instructor at the beginning of a 90-minute class I went to. An hour & a half is a long time to do anything, especially when it requires focus & self-love the entire time.. So starting the class with this quote was a reminder of something important that most of us forget/don’t know at all: We are good enough, we deserve to keep going & to not give up.

Internal motivation (in my experience) is hard to come by. I used to start things because I thought it’s just what I’m supposed to do. Or because it would make my parents happy. Or my friends were doing it, so why not join? Usually these things weren’t harmful, no negative peer pressure or anything… But it all decreased the value of me doing things for me. It’s hard to keep yourself motivated when working toward goals you set for your own satisfaction. 

Why are things more difficult to keep up with when you’re doing them solely for yourself? That is a great question…….that I don’t know the answer to, other than just from my own experience & thoughts spent on the matter. I believe the main reason goes back to the quote. We often don’t choose to do things for ourselves because we don’t think we’re good enough. Why make a goal based on ‘selfish’ motives when you’re undeserving of the end result? Well…because you are in fact very deserving. 

I think another contributor to our heavy use of external motivation is that we generally aren’t very selfish creatures. The focus of our lives tends to fall on other people. We do things because we don’t want to disappoint the people we care about, or we want to help them & put their wishes first. Of course it’s great to care so much about others that our actions/motives become selfless. However, if you don’t take care of you how can you take care of anyone else? [This is so important. Please do not forget to take care of yourself because you’re so focused on helping everyone else!!

Whether you’ve decided to get in shape, to eat healthier, to read more books, to let your hair blow in the wind more often- do it for you, not anyone else. Set your own standards for what your success will look like. Create ways of motivating yourself to keep going. It gets hard to keep going when really the only person to let down is yourself…but you deserve to make yourself proud! 

Don’t stop yourself, you are good enough 🙂

~peace & all good~

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