Push Up or Shut Up

[that’s not how the saying goes, but whatever]

Push ups. I used to hate them & now I do them everyday.. Why? 

The thing with these body weight lifts is that they’re more difficult mentally than physically. For the longest time I had myself convinced that (even though I could consistently lift weights with my back & shoulders) I could not do a single push up.

Once I got my mind to shut up I found out I could do a single push up! I could actually do more than that!

This whole ‘once I get out of my own way I can do anything’ situation seems to be a recurring theme in my life.. 

Anyways- push ups are awesome because you can come up with endless variations of them to work different muscles. A simple movement of your hands to a wider position creates a different experience for your muscles. The main muscles always targeted are your shoulders, upper back, & chest. 

Here’s a lovely little chart I found that shows you 12 possibilities:

Another helpful variation if you’re still building strength: put your knees down!! You still perform the same movements, just with you knees on the ground. This way you can get the benefits of the motion without straining your body 🙂


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