New Gym Jitters

I now know the fear people feel when going to a gym for the first time.. It doesn’t matter how much you want to be there, or how much you know about exercise. Being in a new place (especially a place you’re working out in) is very awkward.

I started a new job at a local gym this week. Obviously I’ve been excited because it’s a new place to explore & more equipment to use! Gain City here I come, right?! 

Eh…. my first workout was a fail because I had no clue where anything was. It takes a lot of mental & physical energy to commit to exercising, but finding your way around unfamiliar space is a whoooole different story.

But I did find the squat rack.. & took a really cute picture in front of it……


This gym has the nicest people ever working there (now including me!), & I know for a fact anyone would gladly show me where something is. But the point is that it’s just so uncomfortable to feel like you can’t even figure out a gym that you don’t want to ask for help.. Stupid, but true. 

Best part: I was so confused after trying to navigate the weight room that I couldn’t even work the elliptical after my lift……… Like what even..? It’s an elliptical for crying out loud!!1!1!

Here’s the view from the cardio area though, it’s pretty swag. 

   *feat. Rite Aid*

Although I felt like a lost kitten/puppy/child (fill in lost thing of your choice), I figured it’s better to feel that now than to have terrible workouts for the rest of my time there. Also, as an employee I kind of have no choice. 

But new gym-goers, I feel your pain. It’s not easy to step into a new place especially when it’s centred around fitness! 

Just do your best & embrace the awkwardness. Everything you’re feeling now will pay off very soon 🙂

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