Are you good enough?

I think a lot. Pondering life is what I do while drinking my morning coffee/tea (hence the pic of my mug..). One of the things I think about often is self worth. How do other people define it? How I define it? I’ve never really been sure until recently… 

The question “am I good enough?” is one I’m pretty sure a lot of us ask ourselves.. Whether this comes from self doubt, comparing ourselves to unrealistic standards, or something else entirely, it’s part of our lives. 

So I decided to share a quiz with you to see if you’re good enough. It asks you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions- the more yes answers the better you are!! 

The Quiz that will change your life

  1. Did you wake up this morning?
  2. If you inhale air, can you also exhale it?
  3. Are your face muscles able to form a smile?
  4. Can you look in the mirror & smile?
  5. Is your body covered in skin?
  6. Does your heart have a unique beat to it?

I hope you’re good enough! That was a tough quiz, not many people finish it because they can’t remember if they woke up this morning.. 


Basically, you’re always going to be good enough if: 

  • You Exist.. 

No matter what other people think- or even what you think. Don’t doubt your self worth 🙂

So what if your hair isn’t perfect, or you don’t have killer biceps, or your skin isn’t flawless on its own, or you don’t look good in the same clothes as models?! WHO CARES!!! 
  my cat thinks you’re awesome.. 
Instead of feeling down about these imperfections, try to think about them in a positive way. It’ll take some time but who knows, it may work!

Practice some deep breathing if you feel stressed/anxious/sad. Sit in a place you enjoy & just breath. The fact that you can breath means you’re alive, which means you’re an important part of this world! 

2 thoughts on “Are you good enough?

  1. I answered yes to every question on the quiz. 😉 Thanks for the smile. Being in my own head is rough. Everyone tells me I’m more than good enough, and yet I still struggle with only my own words in my head.


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