Dirt Off Your Shoulders

Are you feelin like a pimp? Here’s a workout to build up your strength so you can brush your shoulders off with pride 😉



Before you do any strength training with your shoulders, you’ll want to complete this checklist:

  • stretch, stretch, & stretch some more!!
  • stop if you feel any pinching in your muscles ~stay aware
  • keep the first few sets light so you can make sure your muscles are 100% warmed up

You’ll tend to see progress relatively quickly in your shoulders because they can handle higher repetitions for each exercise. That is, once you let them adjust to the idea of exercising (we can all relate to that, right??).

A note on what is categorized as shoulders in terms of muscles.. There is a rear portion to those beautiful traps & delts. I know this may be shocking, I neglected my rear delts until recently…but knowledge is power, right? Maybe. We can pretend it is in this case!

The Lifts

1. front lateral raise: 2×20 (with light weight to warm up), 4×12 (4 sets of 12 repetitions)


2. side lateral raise: 2×20 (light weight again to warm up), 4×10


3. barbell upright row: 4×10


4. squat into shoulder press: 4×15


5. rear delt cable extension: 3×12

Look at all of those rear muscles you're giving attention to!! :D
Look at all of those rear muscles you’re giving attention to!! 😀

6. high rope row/face pull: 3×12


BTW- I’m not sure why none of the male figures in these pictures are wearing a shirt. I always wonder this when I’m scrolling through the fitness pages I follow on Instagram. I mean I usually wear shorts & an actual shirt to the gym….but if you prefer not to, maybe you know why no man in these images is fully clothed?

If you feel like you can do some final burnout work, get creative with some push up variations! I like to elevate my feet for about 5 reps, then switch so my upper body is elevated. If I’m home I use a chair…in the gym I use the step-up…platform (not sure what to call it?).

As with any weight lifting routine, you should end with some cardio. I use that term loosely….I’ve become more of a cardi-no person lately. Roller blading & bike riding are fun, but personally I don’t enjoy running more than a mile. Whatever you prefer/is okay with your body, try to aim for about 15 minutes after your workout! It’ll be very encouraging if you’re consistent & start seeing results- I promise 🙂

If you don’t have access to a gym or weights:

Push ups, arm circles in various directions, & more push ups! I used to tell myself I couldn’t do a single push up, now that I’ve got my negative mind to shut up I can do 40 on a good day!! ….Broken down into sets of 10, not all at once (yet)..

I found a lovely push up variation chart that I’ll share in a future post.

You can also do the lifts I listed above- just use things you already have to replace weights! You’d be surprised how many things you have hangin around your house that can get pretty challenging to lift after several reps. Books, candles, jars full of random stuff, a Nalgene full of water..

Get creative! Enjoy all of the good you’re doing for your body & mind!!

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