Challenge. Accepted.

Happy Fri-yay!

There has been a lot of buzz around some body challenges lately. They give you a task & how well you do determines if you are cool or not. This obviously is a great way to define yourself, so I decided I should try a few!

1. Belly Button Challenge

Can you touch your belly button? If so, congrats, you’re apparently awesome!

Nailed it. Where’s my award?
2. Collar Bone/Quarter Challenge

Try to put as many quarters in the hollow of your collar bones as you can. Why? Because who needs a wallet when you have collar bones, right?

 Killin it once again! Didn’t even use real quarters because I found a Chuck-E-Cheese coin 🙂
3. Crop Top

An article in Oprah’s ‘O Magazine’ decided that only people with flat stomachs can wear crop tops. Seems legit..

Well, my stomach isn’t flat so the crop top wouldn’t even go on my body!!


So there you have it. I must be pretty cool since I successfully completed all three challenges!


I hope that no one sees these types of things & feels that they hold any value. There’s no reason to compare yourself to these silly standards.. This is my way of showing how LOL-worthy they are 🙂

If you’re getting ready to go out & feel negative thoughts closing in, put on your favorite song. Dance by yourself, or with your friends/cat/dog, & just think about how good it feels to move. By the time the next song starts you’ll probably forget why you were about to get negative in the first place!

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be putting up a recipe tomorrow so stay posted.

Peace & all good ~ Leda

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