Who am I? Why am I here?

A question I ask myself quite often..and a question you may ask yourself from time to time. Who are we?

Well, for starters, this is my first blog post. Ever. So I am slightly confused as to how this all works..I’m also excited. And I’m currently a little tired even though it’s only 6 pm.

I’m starting something new & hoping for the best. I am also trying to find normal pictures of myself to use for my profile….not having much luck.

About a month ago I started a ‘fitstagram’. I’m a bit of a health nut, as well as a health coach, and thought it would be a cool way to get some inspiration into the world.

A pic snapped from within my cookbook that is strictly filled with pizza recipes. Special thank you to a great friend who gave this to me 

I started taking pictures of almost all of my food (leaving out the unhealthy things, oops), posting some workouts, & following other health-related accounts. Most of the accounts for fitness have female figures in their posts- especially ones for squat exercises & booty inspiration. So here I am, eating a peanut butter chocolate granola bar while making pasta for a clean pasta salad*…..awkward, right? Welllllll not really. See, these popular accounts with thousands of followers aren’t quite real life. I mean I love my muscles & my clean meals, but a girls gotta live. Plus, if I have plans they probably beat out going to the gym that day. Double plus!, I don’t have money falling from the sky into my pocket so I can buy endless supplements & protein to fuel my workouts.

I also have a thing for Tina from Bob's Burgers.. for the lulz
I also have a thing for Tina from Bob’s Burgers.. for the lulz

As you can see, I’m a realistic person. I like to put things into perspective. After seeing all of these unattainable ‘fitness goals’ floating around the world of Instagram, I decided to set the record straight. Yes, the fitness models and bodybuilders we all see have accomplished great things & look superb. Yes, it’s great to have goals & ambitions. No, it’s not great to think you will look like these people within a year or two of working out & feel badly about your own progress when you don’t.

Here’s where I come in. I’m hoping that with this blog I can empower the normal, everyday, clothes-wearing person to reach for their goals & enjoy the imperfections of their journey. You CAN try something new that you may not understand yet. You CAN look awesome in a new outfit even if the size may not be a single digit. You CAN be happy with your imperfect self.  You CAN eat oatmeal religiously & do the same with pizza… Why? Because you’re awesome & no one can change that!!

Be beYOUtiful!
Be YOU-tiful!

I hope this was a good read… I kind of just ranted about how great we all are.. But I hope you keep reading because I have some cool recipes & tips I’ll be sharing with the world of wordpress!

Peace & all good – Leda out

*look out for a post about this pasta salad in the near future 🙂

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